Rental Policies // Terms and Conditions

Viewing Appointments: Our rental collection is available for viewing by appointment only. Contact us 540-234-0251 or Anita@valleyheirlooms.com directly to schedule an appointment.

Rental Reservation Agreement: Once a proposal has been agreed upon, you will be sent a contract to fill out and sign. When submitting your signed contract, the initial nonrefundable retainer and booking fee, which is 50% of your total rental order, is due. Your rental reservation is confirmed once we have received your signed contract and retainer. Once we receive these items, you will receive a confirmation to let you know that your items are reserved.

Your rental reservation and initial payment must be received for your items to be held; a proposal does not guarantee that items will be available on the day of your event. Unless a reservation has been officially confirmed, proposals and inventory availability are subject to change at any time.

Rental Reservation Retainer: The initial 50% retainer and booking fee serves as your rental reservation retainer and guarantees your selected items for the specified date and time. This initial retainer and booking fee will go toward the final payment. The remaining 50% of your rental order will be due as a final payment 14 days prior to your reserved rental date. If changes are made and approved by Valley Heirlooms, the final payment will include the cost for additional items added to your order, as well as any adjustments on pickup, setup, or delivery fees.

Should the entire balance not be paid at least 14 days prior to the event date, a 15% late fee, based on the entire reservation total, may be added to your order. A late payment may also result in the cancellation of your order; if final payment is not received at least 14 days prior to the reserved date, Valley Heirlooms can legally terminate the agreement and any retainers paid shall not be refunded.

Reservation agreements do require that a copy of a valid credit card be kept on file for certain circumstances, including amended orders or unforeseen damage to our items. Valley Heirlooms will notify you, or the client listed on file, prior to charging the credit card with any additional fees.

Damages: Though rare, we understand that accidents happen. If you realize that an item is damaged or broken while under your care, please notify us so we can assess the damage. All inventory is thoroughly examined for damages upon pick up. If any breaks, stains, rips, or missing pieces are noticed, we will charge for the cleaning and/or repair of the item(s). If an item is damaged or broken due to gross negligence, we will try to repair the item. Gross negligence includes but is not limited to the mishandling of items and leaving items in undesirable weather. For outdoor events, all clients are required to have a back-up plan in the case of inclement weather in order to protect items from rain, storms, and other potentially damaging conditions. If an item is beyond repair due to an accident or gross negligence and can no longer be used in our inventory, we will assess the value at four times the rental rate or the actual replacement cost.

For all instances of accidental damage or gross negligence, we require that a valid credit card number be kept on file for all orders. The client listed on the rental agreement will be notified before additional charges are added to the credit card.

Damage occurred to rental items by guests, other vendors, and/or event professionals, will be the responsibility of the client on record, unless worked out between the client and said individual.

Inclement Weather: If any of Valley Heirlooms’ rental items will be used outdoors, you must have a back-up plan in place, prior to the day of the event. All clients must agree and have a specified plan for protecting items from water or moisture damage due to undesirable weather conditions. Any damages occurring from weather conditions, including rain, inclement weather, dew, etc., are the sole responsibility of the client and will be addressed in accordance with the aforementioned damage policies.
Refunds: The initial 50% retainer and booking fee, which reserves your items for the event date, is nonrefundable. If an event is canceled or moved, you may utilize this payment toward another event; no partial refunds will be given.

Valley Heirlooms deals in unique and hard-to-find vintage items, and occasionally the need arises to substitute rental Items with like items due to damage, safety concerns, or other causes. We reserve the right to make reasonable, like substitutions when necessary, and will inform the client of such substitutions prior to the event, when possible. If the rental fee for the substituted item(s) is less than the rental fee for the originally selected item(s), Valley Heirlooms will refund the difference in price; if no substitution is available, the fee for the affected rental item(s) will be refunded.

Cancellations: Reservations may be canceled with more than 60 days prior to the event; if reservations are made within this timeframe, you will not be responsible for the remaining balance on your order. The initial retainer is nonrefundable under any circumstance. If the event is canceled within 60 days of the event, 50% of the remaining balance will be due.

If you wish to cancel part of your order or make substitutions for certain rental items, you are allowed to do so if the final rental fee does not decrease by more than twenty percent (20%) of the total fee stated in the signed proposal. If partial cancelations or substitutions are made, you will be sent an amended proposal and contract to sign. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to your event date.

All cancellations must be made in writing (which includes email communication as long as receipt is acknowledged by Valley Heirlooms), or via telephone (must be person-to-person communication; voice messages are not sufficient).

Should the event be postponed for any reason other than a force majeure event, Valley Heirlooms may, at its discretion, negotiate with the client to attempt to reschedule the rental of the chosen Items, but there is no guarantee that the identical items will be available or that Valley Heirlooms will be able to accommodate the rescheduled date.

Rush Reservation Orders: Rental reservations made seven days or less before an event will require an additional 20% charge to the final order due to the expedited process. Orders made within 14 days of the event date must be paid in full upon signing the contract.

Delivery, Setup & Pickup: All orders include delivery, setup, and pickup by Valley Heirlooms; fees for these services include the following: time, labor, and supplies to pack and transport all items to your event; delivery and set up of all large items, including sofas, tables, arbors, etc.; and time, labor, and supplies to break down, pick up, and transport all items back to our storage space.

Unless otherwise notified, we require that items be unloaded from the delivery vehicle and placed within 50 feet of the unloading area; standard delivery and pickup times are between 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM. If delivery and pickup conditions require an alternative scenario, you must notify us along with your initial order. Failure to notify us of inadequate delivery/pickup conditions, including set up of items further than 50 feet from unloading area, moving items upstairs or under treacherous conditions, or delivering and/picking up outside of normal delivery and pickup times, will result in an additional 20% fee being added to your final bill and charged to the credit card on file.

It is the responsibility of the client to determine that rental deliveries will fit properly in the event space. For delivery and pickup of items, we assume, unless otherwise notified, that we will have drive-up access to the site, an elevator or ramp for second-floor events, and 4-foot wide doorways and hallways. If an item will not fit into the event space, we will do everything we can—including discussing alternative options with the venue and/or coordinator—but are not responsible for a client being unable to use items due to site restrictions or for instances in which we are unable to deliver an item due to site restrictions. If you have any questions or concerns about item delivery and pickup, please alert us prior to placing your order so we can help you assure the proper fit of items, if possible. If Valley Heirlooms is not notified of property restrictions and set up requires unforeseen time and labor, additional fees may apply.

Additional Delivery Policies: Rental items will not be delivered to and set up in an outdoor location if there is inclement weather. If an event is outdoors, the client must have an established back-up plan in place, which may include an alternative indoor space, an adequately sized tent to cover all items, etc., in order to protect all rental items from inclement weather. If rental items are damaged beyond repair due to weather conditions, the credit card on file will be charged four times the rental cost or the actual cost of replacing the item.

If a client does not provide a backup plan in such conditions, Valley Heirlooms reserves the right to refuse setting up items during inclement weather or damaging conditions. If event is canceled due to weather conditions, no refunds will be provided.

Setup Procedures: If you and/or your venue decides on a specific layout plan for setting up large rental items, you must provide Valley Heirlooms with a copy of the floor plan two weeks prior to the event date. If no floor plan is provided, we will set up items based on the best possible plan determined by the Valley Heirlooms Team, with input from the venue, if available.

Valley Heirlooms is not an event stylist, designer, or decorator. Delivery and setup do not include stylization of décor and other items for your event.

Additional Pickup Policies: At the end of your event, please remove all personal and event-related items and décor from Valley Heirlooms’ rental pieces; this includes but is not limited to personal décor and tableware. Clients are responsible for scraping and rinsing food-related rental items (including, but not limited to, plates, serving dishes, and cake plates) of all food debris following the event and prior to boxing or repackaging the items. Should upholstered/fabric items become dirtied while in possession of the client, the client shall be responsible for cleaning costs, which will be deducted from the damage deposit check.

All rental items must be ready for pickup at the time indicated on the rental reservation contract and left for pickup at the location agreed upon in advance. If rental items are not available for pick up due to the event exceeding the agreed-upon time, additional charges will apply based on wait time; if the Valley Heirlooms Team is forced to return the following day, an additional $250 fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

If any rental items are missing or unable to be retrieved due to the actions of the client and/or event guests, a late fee of 15% of the total rental order may apply on a per-day basis for items not returned on the date specified in the proposal.

Insurance Policy: Valley Heirlooms is licensed and insured and registered with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) of the Commonwealth of Virginia as a limited liability company (LLC). If your venue requires a copy of our insurance policy, we are happy to provide it. To make sure we share our insurance policy with the appropriate individuals, clients must notify Valley Heirlooms at least two weeks prior to the event date. We will be unable to provide documentation during time of delivery, unless notified beforehand. If we are notified of this need within two weeks from the event date, additional charges may apply.

Styled Photoshoots: We love participating in styled shoots with other vendors, when available. Please contact us to discuss your vision and how we can participate.

For styled shoots, we still require that a signed contract be submitted, and that proper credit is given on all photos or posts that include items from Valley Heirlooms.